Why Simmi London Is A Shoe Haven?

Why Simmi London Is A Shoe Haven?

Photography : Alice Dickerson Digital

Do you feel as good as you look in your heels? This question is similar to a saying I’ve heard before: “You are as young as the man you feel.” In a nutshell, if you feel comfortable in your skin, you will look at ease, which is no different from looking and feeling comfortable in a pair of sexy heels or when the chemistry seems right between you and a guy on a first date. On that note, when I discovered Simmi London, I was smitten instantly, and no, Simmi is not a new man in my life but a shoe brand. Wowers! Their shoes are unbelievably comfortable. I am referring to their 3-inch heels, by the way.

Shopping for affordable shoes is one thing, but when you find a pair that is of high quality and extremely comfortable, well, that’s like hitting the jackpot. I used to buy shoes from a favourite online brand regularly, but I always found their shoes slightly uncomfortable. They were such a disappointment that I would annoyingly say to myself, “You get what you pay for.” Simmi London, on the other hand, is now my go-to brand for shoe shopping. Not only do they stock a range of trendy styles, but the price is affordable yet again, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day without the need to carry a pair of foldable flat shoes in your bag as back up. I am constantly on the go and regularly attend events every week, so I need to feel comfortably happy in what I wear, including my shoes. I’ve been invited to many prestigious events over the last few months, including F1 Live London, The British Grand Prix, and the James Bay x Topman launch event to name but a few. My outfit choices for these glamorous events included Simmi London’s Frankie ankle boots in black and khaki, their Akila silver-studded cage heels, and their Nadia black-studded, clear mule heels in black; all of which make me feel as though I am wearing slippers – unheard of, right?

Style Icon Nat wearing Frankie Ankle Boots in Khaki – F1 Live London

Style Icon Nat wearing Frankie Ankle Boots in Black – London Hilton, Park Lane

Style Icon Nat wearing Akila Heels in Silver – James Bay x Topman Launch

Style Icon Nat wearing Nadia Heels in Black – Harley Street Skincare Clinic

Simmi London – Nadia Black Studded Clear Mule Heels

I feel I have invested my money wisely, as my new selection of shoes from Simmi London are classic in colour and quirky enough in style to serve as a versatile wardrobe staple. My advice to anyone wanting the comfortability of trainers in the form of fashionable high-heels is to shop at Simmi London with the bonus of purchasing online for suitable styles within the comfort of one’s own home.

Written by @StyleIconNat | Digital Direction @AlicedickersonphotographyAlice Dickerson | Thank you Simmi London for the Frankie Ankle Boots in Khaki


Celebrity Stylist, Style Critic & Blogger, Natalie Robinson is based in London. Her creative platform The Lifestyle Collective Blog is to inspire, educate and motivate diverse minds.

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