The Rise of The Black Mask Through Social Media

The Rise of The Black Mask Through Social Media

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If your skin is oily and blemish-prone, regular facial treatments could help to improve such skin conditions. I have dry skin, so daily moisturising combined with bi-weekly facials help to maintain a healthy glow. I discovered the ‘Black Mask’ through word of mouth. The name sparked curiosity. It sounds rather mysterious, don’t you think? I consulted a beauty therapist at my go-to skincare clinic, Depicool, a hidden gem in the heart of the city. The staff are well equipped with expert knowledge and provide honest feedback about their products and services without that ‘hard-sell’ approach that is off-putting. I asked Depicool about the ‘Black Mask’ before booking an appointment.


“You can expect the black mask to help unclog pores and absorb environmental pollutants, oil and dirt from the skin. This mask is especially good for congested & blackheads skin. It should not be used on active acne skin and on the T-zone area only, also a thin layer should be applied to make removal easy to peel off. It can be a little painful to remove however you see great results.” says one Depicool Therapist.

mask The Black Mask – Depicool

I was almost discouraged by the idea of pain but then went ahead with the treatment. I suspected I would experience a feeling of slight discomfort during the ‘peel-off’ process, which is bearable based on previous procedures such as the 24k Gold Facial. Initially, the therapist cleansed and exfoliated my skin with products by Karin Herzog before applying the ‘Black Mask’. I was unaware of the popularity of the ‘Black Mask’ on social media. Youtube creators would feature the ‘Black Mask’ as part of their beauty tutorials through which it gained fame as a universal beauty concept in that you can apply it to any facial treatment. You could also use the latter as part of a D.I.Y skincare regime or leave it to well-trusted beauty specialists, hence why I recommend Depicool. Like my hair, I would not allow just anyone to tamper with my skin. Here are some benefits of the ‘Black Mask’ which I discovered after my treatment: ‘Black Masks’ moisturise the skin, which is great for anyone with dry skin conditions. The peel-off process uproots facial hair that leaves your skin soft and supple. I looked and felt younger as a result. ‘Black Masks’ also contain the highest quality earth clays to unclog pores and absorb excess oil. I recommend using the ‘Black Mask’ every two weeks, but avoid it if you suffer from severe skin conditions like eczema. Depicool facial treatments range from £29 to £75. Their products and services are affordable, and another bonus is that Depicool is a five-minute walk from Liverpool Street station. Overall, this quaint boutique-salon guarantees satisfaction in a prime location.

Written by @StyleIconNat | You can find Depicool on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram | Photography Style Icon Nat | Banner Image Lillapois | Depicool’s Black Mask: SIN Rating 5/5


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