Is The Sunshine of The Caribbean Here To Stay?

Is The Sunshine of The Caribbean Here To Stay?

Photography : Style Icon Nat

The current sunshine is soaring through London hence why I have seen many people almost bare all in public and why not, especially after the treacherous weather caused by ‘The Beast From the East’ not so long ago. Finally, our winter staples are away from the spotlight while our favourite summer staples have their say. What are your plans for the upcoming summer season? A hot ticket to the Caribbean would be ideal. However, you may not have to travel that far to show-off the summer body for which you have exercised vigorously in time for summer solstice. St Lucia Bay resides in London – a luxury beachwear brand that offers a fusion of contemporary and exotic styles of clothing such as bikinis, dresses, accessories, and suitable for those who live a jet-set-lifestyle of trips to the French Riviera and other sizzling-hot destinations.

St Lucia Bay – Ruche Bikini Set

St Lucia Bay is a brand to watch as I discovered upon receipt of a well-presented gift box including their ‘Anya’ and ‘Bethany’ headband and ‘Ruche’ bikini in merlot-red made from 82% nylon and 18% lycra. The latter should provide more comfort. I appreciate the concept of St Lucia Bay, a newly established brand, which is classic yet fashionable in style. Such appeal will resonate with a younger clientele, but the versatility of the brand may attract a broader consumer base.

St Lucia Bay – Anya and Bethany Headbands

St Lucia Bay – Ruche Bikini Set, Anya and Bethany Headbands (Gift Box)

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