In The Palm Of Your Hand By Douvall’s

In The Palm Of Your Hand By Douvall’s

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How many beauty products on the market have you tested? Finding the right product for oneself takes time — a tiresome process somewhat, but as the saying goes, “you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.” You have to try various skin care products to find the best match for your skin. The latter also depends on your skin type. I have sensitive/dry skin, so I have to be extremely cautious about the products I use. That said, I am not against testing recommended products. Douvall’s Argan Active Protection eye serum popped up amongst other products suggested by industry experts. I regularly use serums without which my morning regime would not be complete. I tend to use two, one for the eyes and another particularly for the face and neck after cleansing. I would advise anyone who is serious about maintaining a healthy glow to apply a serum between cleansing and moisturising as it acts as an additional protective barrier against free radicals and penetrates deep into the skin to keep it nourished.

Douvall's Argan Active Protection Revitalising Hydrating Eye Serum Douvall’s Argan Active Protection Revitalising Hydrating Eye Serum

The first thing I noticed about Douvall’s Argan Active serum was the packaging, which is very sleek, not to mention the 15-ml gold bottle, which looked rather luxurious in the palm of my hand — such a nippy size for one’s hand luggage when travelling, I would like to add. When it came to using Douvall’s eye serum, I applied a small amount onto the back of my hand and used my fingertip to pat onto the entire eye area gently. In comparison to other serums I have used, I found Douvall’s less cream-like and a little runny. Most serums I use have a thicker consistency and help to keep my skin moist throughout the day. Unfortunately, I am prone to dry skin which rapidly absorbed Douvall’s eye serum, but this may vary depending on your skin type, particularly if you have normal or combination skin. It occurred to me, after a while, that using a serum and moisturiser both thick in texture may result in clogged pores thus a lighter serum would feel less heavy under a rich moisturiser. Like most things, balance is key. I think it is worth trying the complete range of Douvall’s for optimal results as the serum may work more efficiently with other Douvall products.


On the whole, I experienced no side effects when using Douvall’s eye serum, and its light texture grew on me having felt refreshingly good eventually. As a result, I will continue to use Douvall’s serum as part of my daily skincare ritual. After receiving lots of positive comments about my glowing skin over the bank holiday weekend, something tells me I am on the right track.

Written by @StyleIconNat | Argan Active Protection Eye Serum is available to buy on | Thank you @love_pr_london


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