How To Uplift Your Wardrobe?

How To Uplift Your Wardrobe?

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We all have our go-to wardrobe essentials for certain occasions or when something randomly pops up aka Our knowledge of traditional seasonal trends encourages us to make sensible fashion choices like owning a little black dress for those quick-fix moments. However, if you are one to think outside the box, you would most likely wear a little colourful dress instead – come rain or shine. The spring equinox is soon, so why not inject more colour into your wardrobe from now?

I always wondered why some people work out more during the winter. Apparently, so as to achieve their desired ‘summer body.’ Approach your style in the same way – slowly prepare your ‘summer wardrobe.’ After all, what use is a well-kept body without the right clothes to show it off? Is it wrong of me to say that I do not own many black dresses? I was invited to a press breakfast at Selfridges to celebrate a new skincare range. Part of me wanted to wear black considering it was a relatively cold and dismal morning. On the other hand, I  felt like dressing in a brighter colour to reflect my positive mood. I was happy with my final outfit choice, which was a cotton, tie dye patterned, red dress from S9 Muses by designer Ka-Sha. Quirky in design, the sleeves are in blue to compliment blue bow ties on the back of the dress. To show creative flair, I wore the dress back to front to form a sexy V-neck. Show off one physical attribute at a time leaving the rest to the imagination. This dress was fitting for the occasion – a classic A-line cut that cinches in at the waist and flares out slightly, knee-length; suitable for most body types especially an hour-glass. Ka-Sha uses bright colours and decorative details also incorporated into their designs as a form of storytelling.


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In essence, Ka-Sha merges ‘art with sustainability’, which is all the more reason why I appreciate the ethos of S9 Muses. As curators in fashion, S9 Muses help to provide a platform for such brands as Ka-Sha, in support of slow fashion advocating sustainability as a collective, especially to those consumers who share the same values. You can see more from Ka-Sha by visiting S9 Muses online. Use promotional code: S9STYLEICON at checkout, which is valid until the 28th February 2017, to qualify to enter the raffle prize draw.  You can be the winner of a beautiful scarf made of Khadi cotton from House of Wandering Silk. We will announce the winner on 1st March 2017.


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