Gold Opulence – The Theme of Summer

Gold Opulence – The Theme of Summer

Photography : Jamie Walker Photography

Gold opulence may well be the theme of summer. London has transformed into a festival of colourful styles due to the heatwave. What better way to complement our summer looks than with a vibrant wardrobe staple. That said, a metallic gold accessory shimmers luxuriously in the sunshine and further enriches our sun-kissed glow. Understandably, gold accessories are “not everybody’s cup of tea”. We all have our signature colour.

Some might argue that gold accessories look tacky. I beg to differ if the style of the prop is aesthetically tasteful. Additionally, the opulence factor of an item stems from creative flair and artistic styling. That is why trips to Italy are my primary source of inspiration. Undoubtedly, I discover unique brands that pride themselves on craftsmanship and skill influenced by tradition. For example, Anca Stetco, who founded her namesake brand in 2016, is based in Italy. Handcrafted from high-quality materials including Nappa leather [made in Italy], Anca Stetco’s shoe collection offers luxury, contemporary style, and comfort. I own a pair of Anya boots in a floral print from the autumn-winter 2017 collection. They are comfortable with the bonus of being trans-seasonal.

Metallic Gold – Signature Colour

One of the signature styles of Anca Stetco’s spring-summer 2018 collection is Zoe in Nappa leather—a pair of open-toe, chunky-heel mules. They are stylish, durable and come in metallic gold (which I own), black, white, and khaki suede. The khaki suede and the metallic gold have a plain high heel, while the other colours feature a plexiglass heel. I often struggle to find a pair of high heels I can comfortably walk in for hours.

Gold Zoe - Anca StetcoMetallic Zoe – Anca Stetco

Gold Zoe - Anca StetcoMetallic Zoe – Anca Stetco

Gold Zoe - Anca StetcoZoe – Anca Stetco

Evening Attire

Anca Stetco’s Zoe mules are sturdy as well as opulent in style. I feel like a million dollars in them. What is more, they complement casual-day and smart-evening attire. I wore my Zoe mules with a floral suit. Metallic gold is an incredibly versatile colour. I suggest wearing Zoe with a floral dress or a t-shirt-and-jeans combo for the day. For the evening, a classic look oozes opulence; thus, a little black dress is the perfect match. I have worn my mules only a few times; they have worn in a little due to the softness of the leather. Nappa leather is delicate and not for everyday use. Zoe mules are more suitable for a special occasion, be it to lunch with friends, a date night, or an evening gathering.

Gold Zoe - Anca stecoMetallic Zoe – Anca Stetco

Gold Zoe - Anca StetcoMetallic Zoe – Anca Stetco

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