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All articles featured on The Lifestyle Collective are written by Style Icon Nat and remain true to her brand and creative voice. Some articles include quotes from individuals Style Icon Nat interviews for the purpose of the article. Style Icon Nat provides an honest opinion in her product/service reviews to remain true to herself, without meaning to offend anyone. The Lifestyle Collective, however, is predominantly for those who want an honest and trustworthy opinion about brands and services. Style Icon Nat is aware that everybody reacts differently to products and experiences so please treat The Lifestyle Collective as a platform from which to gain both inspiration and awareness.


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Style Icon Nat uses Affiliates, including Awin, to earn commission on product sales. Therefore, this site uses Cookies. The commission is taken by the relevant retailer via the commission platform.


Photography/Image Credits

If you wish to use any images in The Lifestyle Collective, please contact management@styleiconnat.com before doing otherwise Style Icon Nat will pursue necessary actions to resolve any disputes.


Written Content

If you wish to re-share any of Style Icon Nat’s written content, please contact management@styleiconnat.com, providing a summary of the reason for sharing or publicising any reviews by Style Icon Nat.


Media Kit

To find out about the different ways we can work together, please download my media kit.

Topics Covered by The Lifestyle Collective

Fashion, Beauty, Celebrity & Red Carpet Style, Charity Initiatives, Lifestyle, Fitness, Travel, Product, Store & Restaurant Launches, and Events.


What the Lifestyle Collective Does Not Do

Guest articles offer free advertising for your brand. Sometimes, Style Icon Nat accepts gifts on a discretionary basis, however, only products and services of interest to her readers will be featured.


Sponsored Posts

Style Icon Nat accepts sponsored posts from brands and services that are of interest to her and her readers. Style Icon Nat incorporates backlinks and details about a brand’s products and services in sponsored posts. To remain ethical and as a legal requirement, Style Icon Nat will disclose when she has been compensated for sponsored posts with “thanks to (brand name) for partnering with me on this post.”

Style Icon Nat offers a sponsored post based on the level of exposure a brand requires including a blog, vlog, individual social media campaign and/or email marketing.

To discuss further, please contact management@styleiconnat.com


Gifting Policy

If you would like to offer Style Icon Nat a free product or service for review or to style and post on The Lifestyle Collective blog, the Gifting Policy is as follows:

Style Icon Nat reserves the right to decide if and when gifted products and services are featured. By sending items to Style Icon Nat, you agree that Style Icon Nat is under no obligation to share the product(s) or service(s) with her readers.

Style Icon Nat accepts suitable gifts. The retail price of the gift(s) must reflect the price of Style Icon Nat’s social media service in question i.e blog, vlog, individual social media campaign and/or newsletter.

Style Icon Nat may not or may post about the item in whatever context (blog or social media platform) Style Icon Nat considers appropriate and within Style Icon Nat’s own time frame.


Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Why use cookies?

Style Icon Nat – The Lifestyle Collective places several cookies on your computer for the purpose of facilitating your use of the service and to find out how the service may be improved. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your browser when you visit a website.

What types of cookies?

For these purposes, Style Icon Nat – The Lifestyle Collective stores analytical cookies.

Type: Google Analytics, names: PHPSESSID, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz

What information do these cookies collect?

The cookies from styleiconnat.com collect non-personal data in relation to the way the service is used within your browser. These cookies are not designed to track you as a person or to follow your behaviour on the internet.

Can you remove or delete cookies?

If you would want to remove certain cookies or block them from being stored in your browser, it is possible to arrange this through your browser settings for cookies. You can find these settings under the Privacy tab in the Preferences section of most browsers. There you can specify your cookie preferences or remove cookies.


If you have any questions about this cookie policy, please contact us through our contact page.


Style Icon Nat is based in London and often attends industry events (when available) so please email event or fashion week invites to vip@styleiconnat.com stating the hashtags you’d like Style Icon Nat to use before, during and/or after the event.

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