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Celebrity stylist and founder of London-based fashion styling service Style Icon, Natalie Robinson aka Style Icon Nat began her blogging career in 2015 – a natural development after years of private styling experience.

Natalie’s private work, including celebrity styling, remains an integral part of the Style Icon brand.



Upon finishing college with A-Levels in English Literatue, Theatre and Psychology, Natalie went on to study a BA (Hons) degree in Social Policy & Politics at Royal Holloway, University of London. Natalie then pursued a PGCE in teaching supported by a Comprehensive Creative Writing course completed at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins. It is these academic achievements that Natalie pulls together to create a dynamic creative platform that includes creative writing, covering topics such as charity initiatives, luxury brands, and lifestyle, in addition to celebrity style, beauty, and fashion.

“I have a social responsibility to support other positive causes that extend beyond the realm of fashion and beauty by raising awareness through my creative platforms such as my blog, The Lifestyle Collective, as well as my work as a fashion stylist.” –Natalie Robinson


Style Icon Nat

Brand Ambassador

Natalie is the sole Brand Ambassador for Cucumba beauty salon in Soho, London. This role sees Natalie spearhead the fusion of fashion and beauty within both businesses while testing and highlighting the range of services on offer. Natalie explains, “My role is to provide living proof and honest commentary as to the power of various treatments to keep you looking and feeling your best.”

Unique Style, Unique Aims

Natalie’s eclectic style and love of quirky detail mixed with elegant undertones are what make her stand out. Through her blog, Natalie hopes to educate, inspire, and motivate diverse minds with unique fashion and lifestyle content while also raising positive awareness of current affairs.

Catch up with Natalie’s most recent adventures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and discover her dynamic style and insightful brand and product reviews right here.


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