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In the fast-paced world of fashion, contemporary fashion brands are becoming more directional and perhaps a little too trend-focused. Occasion wear specialists Goddiva, of whom I have been an avid fan for some time, take us back to basics with their traditional designs that are suitable for those who appreciate style with understated sex appeal.
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Have you ever wondered how to ‘own it’? The skin we live in that is. Glowing skin says a lot about our beauty regime combined with the skincare products we use. If our diet is not perfect, then one other solution to achieve radiant skin is to invest in beauty products enriched with sufficient goodness
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We all have our go-to wardrobe essentials for certain occasions or when something randomly pops up aka Our knowledge of traditional seasonal trends encourages us to make sensible fashion choices like owning a little black dress for those quick-fix moments. However, if you are one to think outside the box, you would most likely
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It has been a while since I danced my socks off especially to the nostalgic beat of hit songs such as Madonna’s Express Yourself. The latter, I did indeed and so proudly at an event hosted by Jo Manoukian, owner of Jo’s Dance, and Darcey Burcell from Strictly Come Dancing in support of Women for
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